To Do Christian Missionary Work

The rich man asked Him, ‘How do I get into heaven?’ and Jesus replied ‘Sell everything you own, give the proceeds to the poor and follow me’ (Mark 10:21).

What does this mean? Do we really need to give up everything?

I’m certainly not qualified (yet) to answer this. But I do intend to be so qualified. Today we visited at ColdStream to investigate the possibility of becoming a pilot and missionary. To do this definitely seems like we must give up much.

Debt has crippled us. Instead of saving to go on the MAF/BCV course we must first pay off all our debt. Then we can save to go on the course. And we must support ourselves while we are doing the course. And then we’re not sure how much the missionaries will be paid for flying to remote areas and preaching the word of Jesus to remote people. If we’d be paid anything at all…

We need to meditate on this to hear the Word of God and discover whether this is what he wants us to do. We certainly know he wants us to clear the ridiculous levels of debt we have incurred. Joyce Meyer regularly preaches on how debt entraps us when we’re supposed to be free. There’s probably some biblical precedent for that too (please let me know if you find it)

In the current economic climate, trying to figure out what and how we want to do things is becoming even more confusing…

Why I became a Christian

Anyone who’s reading this who knows me, knows that me becoming a Christian is a pretty significant event. I was into some pretty ‘New Age’ stuff before converting to Christianity, so what happened?

Well, I’ve always believed in ‘something out there’ for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories of believing was as a result of my parents going through a very rough time. I won’t go into details, but it was looking very much like the end of my parents relationship, and as a 15 year old kid, I really didn’t want that to happen. My father left ‘to sort out his head’ and my mother, brother and I were left at home. I ‘prayed’ each night for, I think 3 nights, but possibly longer, that God would intervene and bring my parents back together. I can’t remember what I promised to do if God granted this request – but I do remember that each time I prayed, I layed in the formation of a cross.

God granted my prayer, and my parents are still together to this day – as a result of some very interesting interventions that many people would consider ‘coincidence’.

That’s when I realised that God was out there. I didn’t really understand what part Jesus played in all of this, but I did understand there was some significant power in the cross and that’s why I laid in that shape to pray. Unfortunately, I got led astray for the next 20 years or so – but of course God uses that too. In my searching I discovered a chap who was a practising New Age person. An occultist. Someone whom the bible (I later learned) is quite clear that we should avoid. And thus I began on the path of New Agism and forming my beliefs and practises. I went down that path because the Church to me was entirely unattractive. Hymns do nothing for me – they’re just strange wailing that doesn’t sound like worship to me at all.

Fast Forward to 2006, after I had met Rose and we were searching for some fellowship from the religion I had begun to get involved with, and that Rose had been involved with for some time. The fellowship was a fair distance away and just didn’t feel right. We fell away from this religion and in fact all religion. But something was missing. Rose wanted to go to a church, and so we visited a number of churches in the local area. Some felt OK, some didn’t and we settled on a Pentecostal Church in the local area. The feeling of the church was pretty good, and we certainly enjoyed the music played on a Sunday morning, and so we kept going back. But at this point we really did not understand who Jesus was, or why He was even necessary.

Eventually we moved town and left that church. We again drifted away for a while, but not so long this time. Then we joined St Johns Church and the very first morning we were there, God sat a retired vicar next to us. We became friends and attended some small groups at their house on a number of occasions and pumped them with questions and such like. The music at St Johns was fantastic and finally we felt like we had come home!

We left England to come to Australia and after a little while joined New Horizons AOG Church. Before we went there we did attend a different church in the area, the vicar of which lent me a book called ‘More Than A Carpenter‘ by Josh McDowell. The book put things into perspective in such a way that I really couldn’t ignore it any longer – and argued so well that Jesus Christ was the Son Of God, that logically I could no longer argue against it. At that point I decided I had to find out more, and began to seek out who Jesus really was. God gave me some interesting dreams at about that time that helped me to see who Jesus was, along with placing the right people in front of me to help too.

I made the decision that if I lived my life by the principles of Christianity, and it turned out to be wrong, I had lost nothing. But, if I lived my life by the scientific principles of atheism, or indeed New Agism, and THAT turned out to be wrong, then I had lost everything. I asked Jesus to become Lord of my life, and I was baptized in water, by Pastor Shane at New Horizons in October of 2007. Since that time I have been given more and more evidence that Jesus is Lord because the Bible IS accurate. Overcoming a lifetime of the Theory of Evolution, when compared to the Bible has been one of the hardest things – but there are answers to these theories that make a lot of sense, and actually make more sense of the gelogical evidence than the Long Earth theories do. More details of that can be found at Creation Ministeries.

So, really, to sum up why I became a Christian it is because the level of evidence that the bible is accurate is actually significant, and logically convincing. And if I can rely on Genesis being accurate, and the first 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) being accurate – then the rest of the bible is likely to be accurate too. And if it’s accurate, and I ignore it, then I’m only fooling myself AND I’m going to be in a LOT of trouble when I die. To me now, being a Christian is just the logical thing to be. Anything else is just illogical.

It’s interesting to note though that even when I wasn’t a practising Christian, I always believed that the two most powerful things in the spiritual realm were these;

  • The cross
  • The Lord’s Prayer

So I suspect God always had a plan to lead me back to Him and His Son.