Is Google Chrome for OSX any good?

The short answer to this is yes – definitely!

I suppose I better fill this article out a bit and explain why I arrived at that answer? Ok, here goes.

Some years ago Google released their Chrome browser for Windows. It was OK, but there was already Firefox as an alternative to Internet Exploder, and if you really wanted to step out onto a limb, there was Safari for Windows. But then one day I purchased a nice shiny Macbook Pro and didn’t care about Windows any more. Unfortunately Google Chrome wasn’t available for Mac back then. And then it was – but boy was it buggy. And slow, and nasty.

Gradually I’ve gone off Firefox. It isn’t as quick as it once was, Safari certainly felt significantly quicker. But then something strange happened and for some reason Safari started crashing alarmingly regularly. Probably its time I re-installed my Macbook, preferably with Snow Leopard straight out of the box rather than the Leopard – SL upgrade. But that’s another issue – I don’t expect Mac software to start showing cracks like this, but Safari is. So I checked out Google Chrome.

It’s a LOT faster than Safari, and definitely faster than Firefox. And it doesn’t crash. And they’ve combined the search bar into the address bar, so you don’t have to tab into a new box to search Google. That’s an innovation right there – why have an extra box taking up screen real estate.

And that’s probably the biggest thing with Chrome – more space for your web pages, less taken up with clutter.

And now Chrome supports extensions, so the Web Developer extensions I used to know and love on Firefox are now available for Chrome – but they don’t seem to bog down the browsing speed.

All in all, if you’re after speed, stability and screen real estate on your mac browsing experience, then I’d highly recommend giving Chrome a go now.