Twitter Causes Death of Blogging

twitter-iconA scary headline. One I’ve read in many places on the web recently and one which I entirely disagree with. The same headline has been thrown around regarding Facebook too. Facebook and Twitter have been credited with the rise of social media, many new marketing tactics and probably the cause of global warming too. If you believe global warming is an entirely human created phenomenon. Which I don’t. But that’s the subject of another article I suspect.

So – will Twitter cause the death of Blogging? I think not. For one thing, this is a blog article not a Tweet – and you’re obviously reading it right now, otherwise I’m not really here, and if I think there I am, when I don’t I am not and I disappear in a puff of logic. Or something like that. Put simply, the existence of this article, essentially a blog article, and the fact that you are reading this proves that Twitter has not caused the death of blogging. If it had, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Why will Twitter not cause the death of blogging? In my opinion it won’t for one plain and simple reason. 140 characters is great for headlining, but pretty poor for any in depth discussion of anything. It’d be hard to describe the mechanics of Woopra for example in 140 characters. You can headline it, but that headline has to lead somewhere with more information to actually make any sense. It’s interesting that in the mobile phone world SMS came first and then, because 160 characters isn’t always sufficient, long SMS messaging was introduced, and then because you simply can’t always describe something accurately enough in text, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) was introduced. The interaction of Twitter and blogs is almost the same.

Twitter is utterly fantastic for those small, quick soundbytes that give an insight into someone elses life, business, habits, technological field or a myriad of other human activities and interactions. But those soundbytes need to be padded out to be meaningful – and for this reason, I believe Twitter doesn’t spell the end of blogging but in fact, will act more as a front end to blogging. Twitter enables information to come to you through relationships with people rather than relationships with subjects (which is largely how RSS feeds were used). Twitter has very cleverly turned something that was already being done (RSS feeds) into a personal experience.

So I say, long live the Blog, and let’s use Twitter to let people who know us, know about our blogs.

Author: Steve Brown

Steve is a paramedic in Victoria, Australia who is also an ex-IT Consultant and currently uses all manner of MacOS software in his everyday life. So he usually tends to write about his experiences with that. But sometimes he'll write about medical, political or other stuff that might (or might not!) be of interest

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