To Do Christian Missionary Work

The rich man asked Him, ‘How do I get into heaven?’ and Jesus replied ‘Sell everything you own, give the proceeds to the poor and follow me’ (Mark 10:21).

What does this mean? Do we really need to give up everything?

I’m certainly not qualified (yet) to answer this. But I do intend to be so qualified. Today we visited at ColdStream to investigate the possibility of becoming a pilot and missionary. To do this definitely seems like we must give up much.

Debt has crippled us. Instead of saving to go on the MAF/BCV course we must first pay off all our debt. Then we can save to go on the course. And we must support ourselves while we are doing the course. And then we’re not sure how much the missionaries will be paid for flying to remote areas and preaching the word of Jesus to remote people. If we’d be paid anything at all…

We need to meditate on this to hear the Word of God and discover whether this is what he wants us to do. We certainly know he wants us to clear the ridiculous levels of debt we have incurred. Joyce Meyer regularly preaches on how debt entraps us when we’re supposed to be free. There’s probably some biblical precedent for that too (please let me know if you find it)

In the current economic climate, trying to figure out what and how we want to do things is becoming even more confusing…